David “DJ” Lee aka Rockababyrock is a beatboxer, singer, songwriter, producer, and artist manager. He spent 12 years touring in the indie guitar/beatbox band Scratch Track that toured full-time between 2003-2014. Although currently not active, Scratch Track was 100% self-contained, self-funded band that inspired many with their unique and minimalistic sound. Nick Judd from the Washington Square News called Scratch Track, “mind-bending, style bending and undeniably original.” They recorded seven albums and independently toured and shared stages with the likes of The Roots, Jurassic 5, The Zac Brown Band, O.A.R, George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, Los Lonely Boys, Jars of Clay and numerous other national acts. Their music appeared on CSI:NY, Sony Playstation’s MLB: the Show, MTV, and various independent films.


Using “the fifth element of hip hop” beatboxing as his instrument, Rockababyrock currently performs as a solo artist as a “one-voice show” using his voice to create layers of percussion and harmonic tones for his musical backing tracks. As a songwriter, he incorporates beatboxing and looping grooves into every session. With a college degree in Classical Vocal Music, he has a wide range of styles and genres in which he can perform and write.


“Rockababyrock is a song my dad would sing to me as a baby and I would sway to it in rhythm. So yeah, the groove started in me at the earliest age possible,” says Lee. “Beatboxing and singing aren’t something that I do; they’re who I am at the core.”


DJ currently resides in Nashville, TN where along with songwriting and performing where he freelances in artist management, vocal coaching, and artistic creative consulting. He is also a member of the urban folk/pop trio The Magi.